Ashburton Streetscape

The award-winning Ashburton CBD revitalisation project is a perfect example of how incorporating a mixture of young and mature trees can successfully transform an area, boosting liveability and sustainability in equal measure. 

Trees featured in this streetscape:

Native & Evergreen


The visual benefits of trees are easy to see. The rest are ‘felt’ by visitors and through the tills of retailers and local cafes. To begin with, trees have a cooling effect on the immediate area that extends past the obvious shading benefits to include evapotranspiration, an important part of the water cycle and cooling the air between 2 to 8 ℃. Underneath a tree canopy during the summer sun is undoubtedly a good place to enjoy an iced-coffee and a slice of cake, and we know well-nourished shoppers are more likely to continue their shopping rather than be forced away from the stores in search of food.

The temperature reducing properties of trees are joined by their ability to eat carbon, up to 150 kg of CO2 per year. Added to this is the ability to filter urban pollutants and fine particulates. So sitting under that tree canopy when dining outside smells nicer, too. It’s also quieter, as trees absorb sound to reduce the aural load from motor vehicles.

One of the other advantages of the Ashburton design is the effect of the large trees placed near buildings, where they help reduce the need for air conditioning during summer (estimated at up to 30%) and reduce the energy needed for heating (estimated at between 20 to 50%).

Overall, the Ashburton project has achieved something quite remarkable. The considered use of trees in the urban centre benefits the district councils sustainability efforts, helps support business owners, and gives local residents a CBD to be proud of. There really is no downside to be had from a healthier environment, healthier business community and healthier residents (the trees even help reduce stress and lower blood pressure too). 

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Upright Ornamental Pear in Ashburton streetscape, supplied by Easy Big Trees.
Fraxinus Green Glow - English Ash tree creating a world of beauty in Ashburton town centre.
Upright ornamental pear in Ashburton streetscape, supplied by Easy Big Trees.