English Hornbeam - CARPINUS betulus 60lt - Jan
CARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - FebCARPINUS betulus 8lt - MayEnglish Hornbeam - CARPINUS betulus 45lt - JanCARPINUS betulus hedge - Nov, ChristchurchCARPINUS betulus - April, AshburtonHornbeam Hedging - CARPINUS betulus Hedge - MayCARPINUS betulus StandardsCARPINUS betulus Std 45lt - NovEnglish Hornbeam - CARPINUS betulus arches - EnglandCARPINUS betulus hedge - ArrowtownCARPINUS betulus 6lt - JanEuropean Hornbeam - CARPINUS betulus Hedging - Arrowtown, NovCARPINUS betulus 8lt - JanCARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - MayCARPINUS betulus 14lt - JanCARPINUS betulus 60lt - Jan

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CARPINUS betulus – English Hornbeam

Product Description

English Hornbeam

A hardy tree very amenable to being clipped into a tight hedge or pleached avenue. New spring foliage a vibrant fresh green. Turns to gold and copper tones in autumn. Retains some copper foliage through winter. Similar in appearance to the English beech. Very hardy, deciduous, grows to 8m.

Suitable for: Shaping and hedging, pleaching, group planting or screening.

Features: Lush spring foliage, very amenable to pruning or shaping.

Botanical Name: CARPINUS betulus

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