Everything Is Designed To Make It Easy

We don’t just make it easy to enhance a landscape with a big tree.  We make it easy to complete your commercial landscaping project, easy to access significant numbers of high grade trees and easy to have large plants delivered to wherever you are in New Zealand.  

We’re pretty easy to deal with too.

How We Do It:

Experience the exceptional range and service that has been over 100 years in the making. Delivered to your tree nursery, today.

Making things easy for your customers is…well, pretty easy.  With over 100,000 trees and shrubs in stock, you have one of New Zealand’s largest nurseries standing by, ready to keep you supplied with virtually every native, exotic, fruit and nut tree you might need.  There are trees suitable for hedging, topiary or pleaching.  Along with those special trees for relaxing under on a summer’s day.  They’re all available.

They can all be shipped to your door too.  It doesn’t matter where you are in New Zealand, plants are professionally packed, delicately loaded and carefully transported.  We only use our most trusted transportation service providers to guarantee plants arrive safely and undamaged.

Contact us with any questions or for more information.  We’re here to help.  

How Can We Make Ordering Easy For You?

We’re pretty flexible and there’s a few popular ordering options:

On the Spot Ordering

Just call or email us with what you want.  You’ll get a quote and once confirmed your plants will arrive within 5 to 10 working days (weather permitting).

Grow to Order

Our experienced nurserymen can grow whatever you need for customers.  They don’t have to be in our catalogue and are grown just for you.  

Large Quantity Orders

If you have customers in Otago or Southland searching for large evergreen trees to be used in landscaping projects, we are able to deliver in units from 100 to 1000.  


If none of these options suit, contact us and we can discuss alternative options.  

An extensive range of deciduous, evergreen, fruit and nut trees are available for delivery throughout New Zealand.

Making Commercial Landscaping Supply Easy

As one of New Zealand’s largest nurseries, we’re able to provide a reliable and constant source of trees and plants.  More than 90,000 are kept in stock at one one time, with dedicated growing areas for commercial supply.  

We offer trees and shrubs in units of 100 to 1000, all of a consistent size and grade.  They are widely used by commercial landscaping companies, Councils and subdivision developers throughout New Zealand.  

Please contact us to request a copy of our latest catalogue, detailing the extensive range on offer.

Easy Big Trees can provide trees and shrubs in 100 to 1,000 units to ensure plants are of a consistent size and grade. Our plants are widely used by subdivision developers, commercial landscaping companies and councils throughout Otago, Southland, Canterbury and across New Zealand.

Find out what we have available – contact our Southland-based nursery today and request our latest catalogue or view the types of trees we have for sale.

Create an Instant Established
Landscape with Mature, Healthy Trees

Every single plant at Easy Big Trees is cared for and nursed to be of the highest standard possible.  Employing every drop of experience from over 100 years of growing trees, then combining it with the latest technology, we supply the quality of trees needed to make a visible difference to your landscaping project.  

The native, deciduous and evergreen trees are in a range of sizes and shapes.  Then there’s the Harrisons Heritage Collection.  It’s all designed for an instant sense of heritage, with a mature landscape for instant gratification.  

Every tree is carefully selected and patiently packed, to be freighted with caution so they arrive in the best possible condition.  

Easy Big Trees has New Zealand natives, deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs in a range of shapes and sizes. This allows you to create the look you want for your clients from the start, without having to wait for the trees to mature.

Achieve effective screening with suitable hedging and screening varieties

We have a large range of trees in shrubs suitable for use in hedging and screening.  This includes pleaching varieties.  Ideal for creating privacy and shelter belts, pleaching involves interweaving branches to shape trees for hedging purposes.  The end result makes for a most striking garden feature.  

For more information on the most suitable plants for instant privacy, such as the optimal size, quantity and how far apart to space the plants, please contact our experienced staff.

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