QUERCUS robur – English Oak

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English Oak

The quintessential English oak, this is the tree we often picture when closing our eyes and thinking of the classic English woodland. We’d likely picture animals nearby too, for the English Oak can sustain more life than most any other tree. Insects, birds, squirrels, deer and many more. They are drawn to the acorns in winter, feed on the bark, consume the leaves, and feast on long, yellow hanging catkins in summer. The leaves, changing from the most perfect summer green to golden hues as the colder months, are arranged on rugged branches that spread broadly. The Oak is perfect for park-like avenue settings, or as a specimen tree and will grow to 8 x 5m.

Suitable for: Park-like avenue or specimen tree, street and laneway plantings.

Features: Attractive branching form and fissured bark on trunk.

Botanical Name: QUERCUS robur