TILIA – English/European Lime in Flower

TILIA cordata - Small Leaved Lime

This popular specimen tree is Native to England & Europe. A beautiful larger-growing tree with large dark green, heart-shaped foliage.

Attractive flower early to mid-summer. Neat upright to rounded form as shown with these beautiful examples Millbrook Resort, Arrowtown.

Also creates a neatly trimmed pleached avenue.


Tidy carpark shade tree as shown in these great examples in Millbrook Resort, Arrowtown

TILIA platyphyllos - English/European Large leaf Lime


TILIA platyphyllos – English/European Larger Leaf Lime, 45lt container, at 3m+ now (measured from top of container)  – approx 6-7 year old

TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - February

TILIA platyphyllos – English/European Larger Leaf Lime, 80lt container, at 3.5-4m+ now (measured from top of container) – approx 8-9 year old

TILIA platyphyllos 200lt, January

TILIA platyphyllos – English/European Larger Leaf Lime, 135lt container, at 4-5m now (measured from top of container)  – approx 10+ year old

Pleaching - TILIA - English/European Lime Video

TILIA cordata - English/European Smaller Leaf Lime


TILIA  cordata – Smaller Leaf Lime80lt container, at 2.5–3m now (measured from top of container) – approx 9-10 year old