Millbrook Resort

The Millbrook Resort is a stunning example of refinement that fully deserves the numerous international accolades received over the years.

For the last decade, we’ve worked with Millbrook to help establish their unique environment, which aims to relax and reinvigorate guests.  It’s an environment that is cleverly designed to be so all encompassing that you’re gently disconnected from the rest of the world.  You find yourself somewhere magical, where breathing seems easier, the air fresher and inspiration blossoms as beautifully as the foliage.

Trees at Millbrook

Due to the size and scale of the resort, we couldn’t possibly include all of the trees featured, but these are a selection of those most prominent or commonly used.

Native & Evergreen


Street Plantings: QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oak, underplanted with CORNUS alba ‘Siberica’. Also GRISELINIA littoralis hedging and CHINOCLOA rubra featured on the residential planting.

One of the most enchanting aspects of Millbrook is how plants and trees are used to both create open spaces for everyone, whilst simultaneously offering a more private, personal experience for the individual.  

The expanse of the award winning golf course, with the gentle rolling hills, is framed by shrubs, trees and then mountains in the far distance.  In the residential area, the openness is maintained whilst also bringing the plants and trees to the foreground, for a more immediate and private landscape.  

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Millbrook through the seasons:


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