Portuguese Laurel - PRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - Jan
PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std 35lt - NovPRUNUS lusitanica 14lt - FebStandard Portuguese Laurels - PRUNUS lusitanica Std - Nov - Portuguese Laurel StdPortuguese Laurel - PRUNUS lusitanica Hedge - Nov, QueenstownPRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 14lt - NovPRUNUS lusitanica - Dec, Quail Rise, QueenstownPRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - FebPRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - JanPortuguese Laurel Standards - PRUNUS lusitanica - ChristchurchPRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 35lt - NovPRUNUS lusitanica 300lt - MayPRUNUS lusitanica 1.5m Std 35lt - JanPRUNUS lusitanica 1.5m Std 35lt - NovPRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 35lt - NovPRUNUS lusitanica Std - DecPRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std 35lt - Nov

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Product Description

Portuguese Laurel

Hardy and versatile evergreen shrub with smooth dark green leaves. Produces slender white flower racemes late spring and summer. Creates an excellent formal hedge or screen. Tolerates a wide range of conditions from dry to frosty areas. Hardy, evergreen, grows to 5 x 3m.

Suitable for: Formal hedging and screening.

Features: Hardy, versatile evergreen.

Botanical Name: PRUNUS lusitanica

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