Millbrook Resort in Autumn🍂

PYRUS and ACER - Millbrook, April

We’ve been working with Millbrook for the last decade.  Whilst their wonderful environment makes for a great visit any time of the year, Autumn has to be a highlight. 

There is a magic to it.  Maybe even a romance.  A brisk walk on a clear day, when you can see your breath and the fallen, golden leaves crumple deliciously beneath your feet, is uniquely invigorating.  It’s a gentle disconnection from the worries of the world.

FRAXINUS excelsior - Millbrook, Arrowtown, 2022

FRAXINUS excelsior – European/English Ash, golf course planting

We have the FRAXINUS excelsior – European or English Ash.  The straight trunk leads to a dense, rounded crown, which takes on a truly regal appearance in autumn as it shimmers in the most vibrant golden colours.  It’s easy to see why this fast growing, deciduous tree has a prominent place in many large gardens.

ACER - Maples - Millbrook, Arrowtown, April

 Above: ACER – Maple – selection of varieties in the golf course planting.

Providing the colour and that perfect Autumnal backdrop are trees from around the world.  There’s the ACER rubrum – Canadian Maple.  It’s tidy, compact and upright, with the most brilliant red leaves in the classic maple leaf shape.

The ACER platanoides – Norway Maple has a more rounded crown and will showcase a golden yellow, giving way to a more fiery red as the season progresses.  It’s an excellent shade tree, very hardy and well suited in street and park settings.

Easy Big Trees have supplied a large range of trees and shrubs for this project including:

Native & Evergreen


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