AMELANCHIER canadensis

AMELANCHIER canadensis - Shad Tree

Some trees give you a sign.  The ‘Shad Tree’ or ‘Service Berry’ certainly does.  When the white starry flowers arrive it usually coincides with the arrival of whitebait.  Alas, whilst you might not be assured of catching any whitebait, at least when hunger strikes you can eat the edible purple berries from this extremely hardy deciduous tree.  They go particularly well in muffins and pancakes.  Whatever berries you don’t consume will be appreciated by the birds, who will eagerly eat what there is. 

The bronze tipped leaves of spring will give way to a fresh, almost mint green colour during the summer months as the flowers fade.  Then when the Autumn show begins, you’ll welcome oranges and bright reds, even the odd intense crimson or purple, before the wonderful display moves to the ground below as the leaves fall.

The Shad Tree is tolerant of dry, exposed conditions and will grow to 4 x 3 metres.

AMELANCHIER canadensis, CARPINUS betulus - Millbrook, Arrowtown, April

Bright-red grouping of Amelanchier at Millbrook

AMELANCHIER canadensis 16lt, May

AMELANCHIER cannadensis, 16lt container @ 1.8m+ (measured from top of bag) approx 3-5 year old

Also available in:

35lt container @ 3m+ (measured from top of bag)

AMELANCHIER canadensis - Blossom, October

Pure-white spring blossom