Matakauri Lodge

On the shores of Lake Wakatipu, with elevated views from an almost perfect viewing position, are the luxury cottages of Matakauri Lodge.  Looking out from the Lodge, the vista is dominated by the rugged majesty of the Remarkables, along with Cecil and Walter Peak.  But should you find yourself on the other side of the lake and looking back towards Queenstown, you’d discover the Lodge nestled into the hillside, its grounds covered in native trees and shrubs.  It’s the kind of place, when viewing from afar, that makes you wonder what it must be like to stay there.  

The trees and shrubs at Matakauri Lodge are natives but their location was decided by design rather than fate.  Chosen to complement the immediate area and suited to the alpine environment, they were planted to establish an immediate sense of heritage.  For such luxurious accommodation, there was an imperative to create a sense of belonging and history.  The natives are also used for screening and to create a private space, so looking out is easy but looking in is difficult.  It serves to open up the world to the guest whilst making them feel protected and secure.  

Amongst the natives supplied are Red Beech (NOTHOFAGUS fusca), Silver Beech (NOTHOFAGUS menziesii) and Black or Mountain Beech (NOTHOFAGUS solandri/cliffortioides).  All are strong, native hardwoods which age well for an enduring legacy.  The red and black beeches generate a honeydew which is attractive to bees and native birds. 

An assortment of native plantings* allow the private area to breathe, whilst the lush green colours frame the turquoise water in the summer, and the snow capped mountains in winter.  It makes for a dramatic scene, providing the viewer with the human scale necessary to fully appreciate the immenseness of the views.  

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*Native plantings include: