Merino Downs

South of Canterbury, set against the picturesque backdrop of the stunning Mackenzie Country, is the Merino Downs Subdivision.  It’s the kind of place where, as you drive past, you find yourself looking out the window and wondering ‘I wonder what it would be like to live here?’.

The answer is nice.  Very nice indeed.  Surrounded by some of the most inspiring views, the immediate landscape is complemented by selected native New Zealand plants.  It effortlessly blends in with the environment. The Native Red Tussock and Mountain Beech, amongst others, simply look like they were meant to be there.  It all adds to a feeling of harmony and serenity which would be hard to shake, not that you’d want to.  

Trees at Merino Downs Subdivision

Native & Evergreen


The beauty of Merino Downs is, in part, due to the seasons.  As a frosty winter landscape, the snowy mountains contrast against the clear blue sky, perfect for sitting by a window with a warming mug of hot chocolate and getting lost in your thoughts.  In summer, you move outdoors, enjoying a cooling drink and picnic on the grass, as the days stretch to provide a canvas for laughter and memories.  

It really is a quite remarkable development and one we were very happy to be part of.  To learn more about Merino Downs, please visit