Northlake Subdivision

 This stunning subdivision set in beautiful Wanaka, providing a great place to live and enjoy. Easy Big Trees privileged to be included in the supply of quality trees and shrubs for this classy project since its inception.
Plantings include a selection of attractive deciduous street and park trees and tidy instant grade evergreen screening. Also supplied were some of our large Heritage Collection trees around the Monkey Farm Restaurant and Northlake park as shown in images and footage.

Deciduous Trees and Evergreen Screening included


Heritage Tree Installation

Recent footage of our large Heritage Collection trees installed at Northlake. Including Quercus robur – English Oak 1000lt container (15+ year old) installed at Monkey Farm Restaurant, and Quercus palustris – Pin Oaks at Northlake Park. These stunning large grade trees provide instant results and heritage as well as welcome shade in summer.