We’re back

Hello there. 

Did you have a good break? We do hope so.  We hope it was full of smiles, laughs and maybe the odd blissful snooze in the shade of a tree. 

We made the most of the holiday season, escaping to the great outdoors and quite possibly playing games of ‘do you know what tree that is’ with younger members of the family. We also did some of this…

Team Holidays, Easy Big Trees, January 2024

Sam spent some time at Lake Mavora, while Barney enjoyed the night tree walk in Rotorua.

Fruit Picking, Otago, January 2024.

Shoni and Aliza got the most out of the fruit picking season, yummy cherries and raspberries in Central Otago.

Team Holidays, Easy Big Trees, January 2024.

Chris was up to an off road adventure in Old Man Range, while Warren relaxed in Moke Lake. Andrew had a great time walking Max, his family’s dog, at Oreti Beach and other parks in Invercargill.

Team Holidays, Easy Big Trees, January 2024.

Kingston was Lyvonne and Garry’s destination for fishing and Marcia enjoyed the Redwoods in Rotorua. What about the top photo from Linette’s holiday harvest? Full of colours and flavours.

We are now refreshed and ready again to help you to create a world of beauty. By the way, the nursery is looking astonishing this Summer. You should come and have a closer look.