Anzac Day – Lest We Forget

  As Anzac Day approaches, we honour those brave souls who fought to secure our freedom. We send our thanks to all those who have served, and those who serve today. Being able to enjoy the freedom of our own gardens takes the sacrifice of others and for that we are eternally grateful.

  In respect of the soldiers of the Great War, we’ve chosen a tree they very likely stared at as their Navy vessels made the journey across the Mediterranean Sea and up into the Aegean Sea. Along the Iberean Peninsula and across the coastline of Greece, extending to the southern coast of Turkey, is the native Evergreen Holm Oak. It was found at low to moderate elevations and would certainly have stood out amongst neighbouring trees.

  Unfortunately, many would not have made it to see the trees as they returned home following Gallipoli. We owe a debt of gratitude to those souls for which there are no words.

Photo: 100+ years old QUERCUS ilex – Evergreen Holm Oak at Mercy Hospital, Dunedin.

100 plus years old QUERCUS ilex - Evergreen Holm Oak at Mercy Hospital, Dunedin.
Quercus ilex - Evergreen Holm Oak trees in an avenue in Shotover Country, Queenstown, supplied by Easy Big Trees over 10 years ago.
QUERCUS ilex - Evergreen Holm Oak, in 80L container, 2.5 meters, 7+ years old.

QUERCUS ilex – Evergreen Holm Oak

  This is one of those trees which deserves a prominent position, ideally atop a slight rise. From there, its large, rounded crown can imperiously survey the landscape below as it takes on a sentry-like quality.

  The leaves are a classic green, full of depth and vitality, and the trunk makes for a perfect spot to relax in the shade. This is a tree to read, rest under or to play games. Because come Autumn, acorns from the female flowers turn dark red and then drop, where they can be used as projectiles by the playful young (just as long as they are not hurled at each other, of course). Grows to 10 x 5 meters.

– Suitable for avenue, screening, hedging, pleaching and topiary as above.
– Hardy, tolerates coastal conditions.

Photo: QUERCUS ilex – Evergreen Holm Oak, in 80L container, 2.5 meters, 7+ years old.

Testimonial from Gary, Cromwell.
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