Autumn Colours – Part 2: Maples at Millbrook

Last weekend saw a mini exodus from the south to a more northern location.  Not because the long weekend skies were full of rain down south, but because the skies further north in Wanaka were full of aeroplanes for the Wanaka show.

For many, this well-practised route includes a small detour to the Autumnal delights of Arrowtown and possibly for one of those famous sticky buns from Provisions bakery.  They do make for a welcome treat.

The other treat from this route is the emerging colour visible at Millbrook Resort.  It’s at this time of the year that the landscape begins to warm up for the Autumn show, with the first blushes of gold and crimson coming from two particularly noteworthy Maples…

Pop by and see this beautiful landscape in all its glory next time your through the area.

ACER platanoides – Norway Maple

When mature, that oval to rounded tree crown is nothing short of spectacular. In summer months, it’s full with a dense collection of 5 lobed green leaves, and is the very picture of health. The leaves turn a golden yellow in Autumn before falling, revealing a trunk that’s rightly prized for its hardy timber. An excellent shade tree, it’s known to grow up to 12 m+.

ACER platanoides & rubrum – Millbrook Golf course, Arrowtown.

ACER rubrum ‘October Glory/Red Sunset’ – Red Canadian Maple

The deep green lobed leaves of Summer create a neatly presented aesthetic. Tidy and upright, the ‘Red Sunset’ stands there elegantly as you patiently wait for Autumn and the crimson colour show that comes with it. That show, when the red veins of the leaves spread the colour to each lobe tip, seems almost unreal or otherworldly. Ideal for smaller gardens and avenues, this well structured maple also makes for a colourful shelter or screen. This deciduous, hardy example will grow up to 10m.

Rich red autumn colours from the Columnar Canadian Maples, in Millbrook Queenstown.

ACER rubrum – Millbrook, Arrowtown.