Top 5 Rural & Farm Avenue Trees

There’s a lot of wisdom to be found in farmer’s sayings. Passed down from generation to generation, each slice of advice is memorable and meaningful. Indeed, there’d be no harm in considering many sayings as rules to live by. For example:

“Life is simpler when you plough around the stump.”

The wisdom being dispensed here goes much deeper than the stump. In days gone by, large stumps had to be removed by hand and wise farmers would first plant their crops, then come back to remove the stump when time allowed. The saying recognises we need to let go of some things and get on with life. There’s always time to come back later, when you have the time and experience to deal with the issue. Now we’ve convinced you of this wisdom, here’s another we’re particularly fond of and know to be true:

“Always plant trees when there’s no ‘R’ in the month.”

We were reminded of this recently as we’ve had a relatively steady stream of clients visiting, wanting avenue trees, which they intend to plant in the upcoming months. It seems that as there’s no ‘R’ in May, June, July or August, the rule seems to be holding firm.

With this in mind, we thought we’d share a selection of trees we believe to be perfect for farm avenues. These are the trees that welcome guests to the family farm or estate, creating not just an impression but an experience. They are the difference between ‘going down the driveway to the house’ and ‘arriving at the family home’.

Easy Big Trees Top 5 Rural & Farm Avenue Trees:

1. ALNUS cordata – Italian Alder

Hailing from Southern Italy, the heart shaped leaves of this wonderful avenue tree are often among the last to leave in Winter. They are also amongst the first to return for early shade in Spring. Tolerant of damp and windy areas, this is the tree to plant in places where others will not take, like hill dips and exposed hill tops. Growing to 10 x 5m, the Italian Alder is perfect for those seeking to add a touch of distinction to their driveway, as this is a tree of considerable presence. 

– Group and screening planting
– Deciduous, will grow up to 10x5m

Photo: ALNUS cordata – Italian Alder, in 45L container, 3 meters height, 3 years old.

Banner with two images of Alnus Cordata, Italian Alder. One showing beautiful the trees supplied by Easy Big Trees at Millbrook, Arrowtown, and one photo with flowering Italian Alder in a rural avenue in Cromwell.

2. LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – Sweet Gum

For a blazing path of colour alongside farm avenues, this is the tree you want. The star-shaped leaves change colour as Autumn progresses, seemingly warming up from yellow, through to orange, before finally settling on an intense crimson that burns against grey skies. The upright, pyramidal form is perfectly suited to laneways and entranceways.

– Our most hardy and tidily medium sized shaped Liquidambar
– Deciduous, will grow up to 6x4m

Photo: LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – Sweet Gum, in 200L container, 5 meters height, 10+ years old.

Delightful photos from Liquidambar Worplesdon, Sweet Gum trees with red and golden foliage in rural areas of Wanaka and Queenstown. All trees supplied by Easy Big Trees.

3. QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oak

Sometimes known by the less appealing name of Swamp Spanish Oak, this is another tree with a neat pyramidal habit useful for marking a route. The broadly lobed leaves are great for shading stock in the Summer months, casting a generous shadow. Then in Autumn, they turn a velvet red colour for a soft, warm aesthetic.

– Group or specimen planting
– Deciduous, it will reach 8x6m

Photo: QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oak in 35-45L container, 2.5 to 3 meters, 5+ years old.

Two photos of Quercus palustris, Pin Oak in Queenstown rural landscapes. Yellow, orange and red Autumn foliage.

4. QUERCUS robur “Fastigiata” – Upright English Oak

Standing to attention, upright and proud, this columnar oak makes a statement without being overbearing. It adds an element of formality, making it a perfect choice for the main avenue to the farm home, or from the main road, where its neat appearance makes a striking impression.

– Clusters of acorns late Summer-early Autumn
– Yellow-gold Autumn colours
– Deciduous, it will reach 8x3m

Photo: QUERCUS robur ‘Fastigiata’ – Upright English Oak in 80L container, 4 meters, 7+ years old

Two lovely photos pf Quercus robur Fastigiata, Upright English Oak tree in Alexandra, Autumn and Twizel, during Summer time.

5. SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum – Giant Wellingtonia Redwood

Want to go big? And we mean really big?

Then this is the tree for you. A towering presence, planting this Giant Redwood along an avenue might intimidate visitors, but in the best possible way because this hardy evergreen overpowers the senses with its beauty.

– Large tapering trunk and compact pyramidal form
– Perfect for specimen planting or use as shelter
– Evergreen, grows to 8x4m

Photo: SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum – Giant Wellingtonia Redwood in 135L container, 3.5 meters, 8+ years old.

SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum, Giant Wellingtonia Redwood in Wanaka rural area, supplied by Easy Big Trees and beautiful specimen Redwood tree planted in Ashburton park.

We know that looks difficult to choose, but creating a world of beauty in your rural landscape is easy when you can count on a knowledgeable team to answer all your enquires and guide you to realise your landscape design vision. Send us a message: [email protected]. We are glad to make everything a little easier for you.

And, as a footnote, if you ever decide to relocate to the other side of the world, then be sure to adapt the farmers’ saying detailed above for the climate. Not the one about the stump, but the one about never planting when there’s an R in the month. In Scotland, they only plant when there is an R in the month. What a topsy-turvy world we live in.

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