What is the perfect Mother’s Day?

The answer for every Mother is likely very different. Some Mothers may wish to be spoiled, the day beginning with breakfast in bed, before progressing to a spa visit, the pampering then extending into the evening with fine wine, dinner and one of those ‘oh I shouldn’t but….’ type of desserts. Others may prefer a little peace and quiet, with just a small token of affection and thanks, likely in chocolate form.

Between the above is a range of gifts, varying from homemade and heartfelt, through to extravagant and opulent. Yet all have a common fault. They are grounded by a single moment on time. That lonely celebratory day of Motherhood that somehow aims to balance out the other 364 days of the year when Mothers are busy doing what they do best – caring for others.

So what is the perfect Mother’s Day gift? We think the trees below might be. And unlike a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, they provide a constant reminder of thanks. On any given day, a Mother simply has to gaze outside the window and see them to be reminded they are special, they are loved, and the children do appreciate everything being done for them. Think of the trees below as a reminder of that special bond which exists between Mother and Child.

MAGNOLIA grandiflora 'Blanchard' - Evergreen Magnolia

A broadleaf evergreen known for its wonderfully large and glossy dark green leaves with a rusty brown underside, this is one of the more popular and hardy Magnolia varieties. The large, creamy white flowers arriving in late Summer have an intense yet lightly fruity scent.

– Ideal for avenue, group and formal planting
– Evergreen, will grow up to 6x4m

Photo: MAGNOLIA grandiflora ‘Blanchard’ – Evergreen Magnolia, in 25-35L container, 2 meters height, 5 years old.

MAGNOLIA grandiflora 'Kay Parris' - Evergreen Magnolia

It starts with young, pinkish leaves. It doesn’t take long for them to turn green on the sunny side, with a wonderfully contrasting orange or bronze underneath. The seasonal crescendo arrives in late Summer, delivered courtesy of the luxuriously large cream coloured flowers, which are soft and welcoming.

– It’s ideal for smaller gardens
– Evergreeen, it will reach 5x3m

Photo: MAGNOLIA grandiflora ‘Kay Parris’ – Evergreen Magnolia in 30-35L container, 2 meters, 3 years old.

Beautiful Magnolia grandiflora Kay Parris, Evergreen Magnolia white flowers closeup.

And for a dash of different colouring…

OSMANTHUS heterophyllus 'Purpurea' - Purple Sweet Olive

Known by some as the ‘false holly’, the leathery and spined leaves are a dark purple when young. Small, fragrant white flowers appear in late Summer and early Autumn, wafting a fresh smell to mix gloriously with the incoming seasonal rain.

– Suitable for hedging and screening
– Hardy Evergreen, grows to 3x3m

Photo: OSMANTHUS heterophyllus ‘Purpurea’ – Purple Sweet Olive in 35L container, 1.5 meters, 2 years old.

Purple sweet olive photos showing its small flowers and trees planted at a garden in Dunedin, both supplied by Easy Big Trees.

It’s never too late for Mother’s Day gifting and if you are not sure about which tree she would like more, you can go for our Gift Voucher.
  Finally….thank you, Mum.

Testimonial from Michelle, a customer from Tokora.
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