Happy Holidays

Finally, it’s here.  That time of the year to reward yourself with a break, filling yourself up with food and fun in equal measure, and pushing the ‘to-do’ list to one side.  Those tasks can wait and you deserve a break.

You also deserve a very big thank you from everyone here at Easy Big Trees.  We truly appreciate your support and enjoy helping to create a world of beauty with you all.  So, thank you.

We hope you have the most wonderful, amazing holiday, and we’ll see you next year.

From everyone at Easy Big Trees.

We also thought we’d give you a quick recap of what happened here during the year…

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Staff, Wairaurahuri River, October
Easy Big Trees, Invercargill, October 2023
Heritage oaks, Queenstown, July 2023
Heritage oaks, Queenstown, July 2023
Ayrburn, Arrowtown, December 2023
Robinsons, Arrowtown, November, 2023


This is us, in case you ever wondered. 

Easy Big Tree Team, Invercargill, December 2023