Warren’s Tree of the Month – FAGUS sylvatica – English Beech 🌳

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Welcome to the Sixth Edition of the Staff Tree of the Month Video Series.This month’s selection comes from Warren.  A chap that can do many things, when it comes to trees there is a firm favourite.  Watch as Warren explains why the FAGUS sylvatica – English Beech, has made it to the top of his list.Hear more about the FAGUS sylvatica as follows;
FAGUS sylvatica – 80lt grade as shown in video (autumn photo)
Fagus sylvatica 80lt May 2021

This is a tree of stature.  Known as the ‘Queen of British Trees, it has the most glorious leafy canopy, supported by these cathedral-like branches that spread upwards.  For this is a tree found in parks and the estates of landed gentry, a tree you want to rest under, leaning against its impressive trunk as you contemplate everything and nothing.

It has fresh, medium sized green leaves which are resplendent in green during spring and summer.  Come Autumn, that turns to the type of copper and gold that defines Autumn in your memory.  Deciduous, it can reach heights above 12 metres or may be tamed into an attractive hedge.

FAGUS sylvatica – English Beech, 80lt container, at 3m+ (measured from top of container)  – as shown above, approx 7+ year old

FAGUS sylvatica 160lt, November

FAGUS sylvatica 160lt container, at 4m (measured from top of container) – as shown above, approx 10+ year old

FAGUS sylvatica, Queens Park, Invercargill, April

Creates a stately park or avenue tree, as shown at Queens Park – Invercargill