Linda’s Tree of the Month – ACER palmatum – Japanese Maple 🌳

Staff profile - Linda

Welcome to the Seventh Edition of the Staff Tree of the Month Video Series.

Linda can do so many things. One of them is to easily and quickly name her favourite tree.  There’s no debate and the ACER palmatum – Japanese Maple, has to be top of the list.  In the video below, Linda explains just why she is so resolute in her appreciation of this tree.

Hear more about this tree as follows;

ACER palmatum - 135lt grade as shown in video

ACER palmatum 135lt, November

A small, upright tree, the ACER palmatum has an elegance that draws you in, with an almost gentle and wise quality.  It’s graceful leaves and layered branching structure provide a sense of stature in a tree that is confident and delights, without overpowering.  As Autumn arrives, those finely serrated leaves change to shades of yellow, orange and fiery crimson, in a complex display of beauty. 
It makes for an excellent feature of specimen trees, adding just that something different to any garden or outdoor space.  Drought tolerant and deciduous, the Japanese Maple will typically grow to between 4 and 5 metres.

ACER palmatum – Japanese Maple, 135lt container, at 3.5m+ (measured from top of container) – as shown above, approx 8+ year old

ACER palmatum 80lt, September

ACER palmatum – 80lt container, at 3m (measured from top of container)  – as shown above, approx 6+ year old

ACER palmatum, Queenstown, January

Vibrant & lush summer foliage – specimen as shown at Queenstown Gardens.