The History of our Catalogues

Seasonal list - Autumn

Some things change and some things stay the same.

The first catalogues we produced were painstakingly compiled, filled with incredible detail, and were often used as more of a guide than a catalogue. Back then, horticulture information was hard to come by and our catalogues found themselves kept for years by eager landscapers and gardeners. They would sit in the potting shed or stored in the writing bureau in the drawing room, to be brought out and thumbed as soon as the seasons began to change.

Harrisons Nurseries - Catalogue

That has changed. Sure, catalogues still take time to compile and they still have incredible detail. But everything is that much easier, images are in full colour and there are more varieties available than ever before. Theres no waiting for the postman to deliver your copy either. In fact, you can just click the link below and by the wonders of modern technology, hey presto – you have the latest version.

Above: Old catalogue and order form, from Harrisons Nurseries – Autumn 1963!

Easy Big Trees Catalogue - Big Trees Direct