Our Plant Pass Certification🌿 ✔

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We’re delighted to share that we’ve been assessed and certified by Plant Pass.

We believe it’s an incredibly important certification.  As a means of validation, it proves the systems and positive steps we’ve been quietly making at the nursery, are all leading in the right direction.  It’s a direction which has significance not just for ourselves but also every customer and anyone involved in Horticulture, and anyone who loves nature.

Plant Pass - 143 Pomona Road East, Makarewa 9872

This is because Plant Pass is a systematic approach to biosecurity risk management in nurseries and an important part of our country’s overall response to any incursions made by pests and pathogens at our border.  We’re fortunate in New Zealand that we have rigorous systems to protect our native wildlife and Plant Pass has elevated that response to new levels.  We’re pleased to move to those new levels too.

What does this mean to you?  Not a great deal to be honest.  It would be reasonable to expect we have correct and professional growing practices.  It would be reasonable to expect we’re playing our part in protecting New Zealand trees and plants.  And it’s surely an expectation that we provide the best plants and trees.   We may even promise as much on our website and in these emails!  What Plant Pass does is provide independent verification that everything we’re saying is true.

Harrys tip - Summer 2023