RATA’s Trees of the Week – Flowering MALUS 🌸 – 11th October 2021

There is something magical about that first blossom.  With that first cut of grass, the fresh smell evoking memories of sunshine and laughter.  Together they awaken the season and the senses, all wonderfully set to the sound of birdsong as nature’s orchestra provides the soundtrack to our revitalisation.

It’s against this setting that we find the MALUS – Flowering Crabapples, which is this week’s tree of choice.  The lovely pair above were supplied some years ago to Matakauri Lodge, Queenstown.  Picture perfect examples of trees with a cheerful blossom, it flowers in early to late October and is available in a range of flowering colours and tree forms.

Above: MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – Matakauri Lodge
MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – Red Flowering Columnar Crabapple

MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – Column form, Deep Purple Fruit Crabapple, 25lt container, at 2m+ now – approx 6-7 years old

Neat upright columnar form maintaining a tight habit. Larger carmine-red blossoms nestle among the new copper-red leaves in spring. Deep purple crabapples stud the branches from late summer into autumn winter.

Tidy smaller growing tree well suited to many garden situations.
MALUS ‘Ballerina’ – Weeping Crabapple

MALUS ‘Ballerina’ – Double Pink Flowering Crabapple, 30lt container, at 2.5m now  – approx 6 years old

Large, double-pink blossoms in spring. Gorgeous frilly blossoms like a ballerina tutu! Showy large orange-coloured fruit in autumn. Grows to a rounded or semi-spreading tree. Deciduous, hardy, grows to 4 x 3m

MALUS ‘Echtermeyer’ 1.8m Std – Weeping Crabapple
MALUS ‘Echteymeyer’ 1.8m Std – Weeping Crabapple, 30lt container, at 2.2m+ nowA stunning small weeping tree with crimson-red single blossom followed by small deep red-purple fruit. new foliage is bright red turning to green set against purple-black branch stems giving a unique display. Deciduous, grows to 2-3m. MALUS ‘Floribunda’ 1.8m Std – Japanese Crabapple

Attractive smaller tree, crimson-red buds opening to white with a pink flush early to mid spring – the buds taking on appearance of small apples combined with the blossom. Blossom followed by small yellow fruit mid-late summer. Grown both as a weeping standard and semi-weeping smaller tree. Deciduous, grows to 3m.Above: Tidy group planting at Lakeside Estates, Queenstown

MALUS ‘Floribunda’ 1.8m Std – Japanese Crabapple, 30lt container, at 2m now

MALUS ‘Strathmore’ 1.8m Std – Red Flowering Crabapple


Forms a narrow, upright tree with reddish foliage which retains its colour all through summer. Leaves turn vivid red and scarlet in autumn. Beautiful in bloom with masses of fragrant, bright pink flowers. Deciduous, grows to 3 x 1.5m.Above: Residential specimen planting in Arrowtown

MALUS ‘Strathmore’ 1.8m Std – Japanese Crabapple, 35lt container, at 2.5m now