Location of the Month – Merino Downs Subdivision🌾🐑 – 13th September 2021

Situated in the beautiful Mackenzie Country, south of Canterbury, is the Merino Downs Subdivision. A stunning setting for this new development and only requires the best from Easy Big Trees.

Taking inspiration from the vast landscape all around, the plantings at Merino Downs are kept simple with Native Red Tussock, Mountain Beech*, and a selection of other NZ Native plants.

Trees shown in above image: NOTHOFAGUS solandri* – Tawhai, NZ Mountain Beech, underplanted with small native plants including CHINOCLOA rubra – NZ Red Tussock, and other shrubs.

Merino Downs looks stunning in all seasons, whether it be the frosty winter landscape with a backdrop of snowy mountains – or the wide expanse of dry summer pastures set against the blue sky.

Please visit www.merinodowns.co.nz to learn more

Residential house plantings; GRISELINIA littoralis varieties. – NZ Broadleaf – Kapuka, NOTHOFAGUS solandri* – NZ Mountain Beech – Tawhai, PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium – Kohuhu, DACRYCARPUS dacrydioides – White Pine – Kahikitea.