AZARA microphylla – Scented Vanilla or Chocolate Tree 🍫 – 30th August 2021

This week we have a tree famous for its amazing fragrance throughout the garden early spring.

AZAR Amicrophylla have small golden pompom like flowers early spring (as shown above) giving a beautiful chocolate-vanilla scent. Just a stroll past or nearby one of these trees is enough to give you cravings for the milky treat!

Azara is a graceful tree with shiny dark green rounded leaves very similar to our native beech, set against a light creamy coloured stem and truck providing good contrast.

Beautiful fragrant clusters of yellow flowers late winter/early spring providing great aroma to the garden. An effective specimen and in mass planting.

Hardy, evergreen, grows to 4–5m.

AZARA microphylla – Vanilla or Chocolate Tree, 35lt container, now at 2.5m+ (measured from the top of container)

AZARA microphylla – Vanilla or Chocolate Tree, 80lt container, now at 3m+ (measured from the top of container)