PYRUS ‘Candelabra’ 🌼

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra'

An ideal spring day consists of pleasant warmth and clear blue skies.  Against this backdrop are blossoming trees.  Trees like the Pyrus calleryana Candelabra “Ornamental Pear’ – which adds a soft welcome to the season, the delicate texture of the flowers easing us out of our winter shells as we inhale the fresh fragrances of the season of regeneration.

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' - Remarkables Park, September

Courtyard planting in Remarkables Park, Frankton

Glossy and dark green, the leaves are dense and grow on branches which grow upright in a columnar habit. The small white flowers presented in spring are favoured by bees. Then as the weather turns, so do the leaves, hues of orange and red bringing some quite startling colour to overcast days. Very wind tolerant, this deciduous tree will also grow in dry and poor soils. An ideal street or specimen tree which will grow to 6 x 3m

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' 80lt - August

PYRUS calleryana ‘Candelabra’ – Upright Ornamental Pear, 80lt at 3m+ – Approx 8 years old

– also smaller sizes available, please enquire here

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' - Gibbston, September

PYRUS ‘Candelabra’ plantings around Gibbston Lodges