PLATANUS ‘Autumn Glory’🍁

PLATANUS orientalis 'Autumn Glory'

Some trees have leaves which possess a truly mesmerising quality.  They draw you in and before you know it, you’ve spent more than a moment racking the lines of the leaf pattern with your eyes, as if the leaf has some message to tell you.

That may sound a little abstract but it’s nonetheless true.  Especially when it comes to the Platanus orientalis  ‘Autumn Glory’ – compact growing form of Oriental Plane.  When the leaves fall in late Autumn it, in a resplendent shades of orange and red, it would be hard to not pick one up for closer inspection.

PLATANUS 'Autumn Glory' - Ashburton, December

Develolping attractive mottled bark trunks with age, supporting an excellent avenue or street tree. The conical canopy provides refreshing dappled shade in the summer. Which is why you will often see them in parks and common areas.

PLATANUS 'Autumn Glory' - Millbrook, February

These specimens recently installed at the beautiful new Millbrook Golf Resort refurbishment

PLATANUS 'Autumn Glory' 80lt, January

PLATANUS orientalis ‘Autumn Glory’, 80lt container @ 3m+ (measured from top of bag) – approx 7-8 year old

Also available in:

16lt container @ 1.8m+ (measured from top of bag) 

45lt container @ 2.5-3m (measured from top of bag)