Location of the Month – Horseshoe Bend 🌴

Horseshoe Bend, Wanaka, June

Just outside of Wanaka, the wonderfully named Horseshoe Bend Estate sits on 17 acres of manicured landscape.  It’s all designed for the kind of indulgent relaxation that sees you sitting outside under the stars, entertaining into the small hours as you pick at the leftovers of the BBQ from earlier in the day.  Then, as the music playing from the architecturally designed cabana is lowered, glasses are raised in a toast to guests and friends.  This is a place for those nights where everything just feels right. 

This beautiful location is available to book your stay – www.releasenz.com

Horseshoe Bend, Wanaka, June

TRACHYCARPUS fortuneii – Windmill Palm

That charm and sense of serenity is no accident.  The landscape has been designed for entertaining.  It has these wonderful little pockets of privacy where those in residence can break away from the main group for a few intimate conversations and a stretch of the legs.  Their walk is defined by the sights and smells of a mixture of Evergreen and Deciduous Trees.

BETULA 'Jacquemontii', Wanaka, February

Clusters of Betula utilis ‘Jacquemontii – Himalayan Birch

Easy Big Trees have supplied a large range of trees and shrubs for this project including:



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We also welcome indents for trees required for your on coming projects. This is a great way to ensure availabilty with the strong demand accross NZ.

Photos credit to Release Wanaka