Our Staff Outing

We closed the nursery on Monday to nurture ourselves a little bit.  Jokes were told, stories shared and a good time had by all.  There’s something about getting out and about in our big backyard that works wonders for the spirit.  Maybe it’s invigoratingly fresh air?  Or simply a change of scenery? 

But maybe, just maybe…it’s enjoying each other’s company away from the usual tasks of the day and appreciating what a jolly good team we have. 

Staff, Invercargill, October

There’s certainly much to be thankful for.  Including your patience and understanding, dear friends, for not being annoyed with us for taking time out. Here’s a few snaps of the team enjoying themselves.

Jet Boat down the Wairaurahuri River.

Staff, Wairaurahuri River, October
Staff, Wairaurahuri River, October

Before stopping at Teal Cove on the shores of the lake. A brief walk in nature to the hut there and the picturesque Lake Hauroko.

Walk, Teal Cove, October
Lake Hauroko, Staff, October

Heading across the river for lunch (and a side of fishing)…

Bridge walk, Staff, October
Fishing, Staff, October

Below is the team testing the knowledge of native tree identification and a view of Lake Hauroko, even more spectacular by air.

Native tree, Tuatapere, October
Lake Hauroko, Southland, October

Travelling in style back to the carpark. It was a great day!

Flight, Staff, October
Matty, Wairaurahuri River, October

We certainly enjoyed our day out, and hoped you enjoyed as much seeing what we shared in this rather lengthy email!

Normal service and the tree talk will be resumed next week, with some words on the beauty of ornamental pears.