Spring Tree Tips

Spring is a magical time at the Easy Big Trees nursery.  The reasons why are abundantly clear for the most part.  New growth is unfolding and stretching towards the sunshine, which is gaining in strength and gently encouraging the season’s blossom to release its youthful scent. 

Then there’s the not-so-obvious magic of spring.  This is the magic that makes Harry seem a little lighter on his feet.  That wise old smile beams just that little bit brighter and he’s known to whistle more melodically, with tunes of a more uplifting nature.  There is both a physical and metaphorical ‘spring’ in Harry’s step. 

Pyrus Candelabra, Queenstown, September

We assume, behind it all, is the same reason that sees the elderly beam with delight whenever they see a baby.   Not because there is some strange balance between the approaching ‘end of days’ and seeing the ‘start of days’, as it were.  No, nothing as slightly fatalistic as that.  But rather because that with age comes an appreciation of the smaller things we may take for granted when young.  Like that first invigorating ray of sunshine as the day begins.  Or the first smell of a cherry blossom.  This is living for the moment and it is, without doubt, a genuinely magical moment. 

Which leads us to Harry and some magical advice.  Feel free to whistle as you read this. 

Harry will certainly be doing so as he types.