Harry’s Autumn Tree Care🌱🍂

Harry's Autumn tree Tip - March

We have to be a little careful bringing up Autumn around Harry.  After all, he is approaching the golden period of his life and his joints are getting a little rusty.  Which is a nice, if somewhat abstract, segway into our seasonal logo. 

Autumn is such a magical time, we felt it needed some special recognition.  So we have recoloured the logo with Autumnal tones.  There are the golden hues and rust we likened to Harry.  There’s also a reddish hue, no doubt liked by Harry if it were to make its way into his glass come evening time! 

Autumn Leaves - Queens Park - Invercargill - April

It really is a wonderful time of the year.  A time when an acorn will fall to the soft, warm earth and lay there.  It’s the start of the beauty of nature, which will see a sapling in spring as plants, trees and the land regenerates and reinvigorates itself.

Like all good things, it starts with a show.  And what a show it is when Autumn colours the landscape.

We’re waffling now, so it’s time to pass over to Harry, who’s here with another of his top tips.

Harry's Autumn Tree Care Tip