FRAXINUS ornus – FLOWERING Manna Ash – 1st November 2021

Originally hailing from central Europe, where it was found in mixed woods, thickets and rocky places, the Fraxinus Ornus – or Manna Ash, is currently in full bloom, and is this weeks ‘Tree of the Week’.

The creamy white flowers in bloom are fragrant and plentiful, providing a feast for the eyes and pollen hungry bees alike.  It makes for an excellent street tree, or an equally suitable specimen, becoming a great shade tree wherever they may be planted.  In a park or garden setting, it’s the type of tree that draws you in on a hot summer’s day as you seek some respite from the heat.  The type of tree you relax your back against, as you retreat from the chaos of everyday life and allow nature to wash and cleanse your senses.  This is usually followed by a short but unquestionably enjoyable nap.

As to the name – ‘Manna’ comes from the sap, which hardens upon extraction.  A form of sugar alcohol (mannitol) it is used medicinally.

Clusters of fragrant white flower from late October through to November

A hardy, compact smaller tree with clusters of fluffy white fragrant flower. Has excellent autumn tones from gold to purple. Hardy street tree and park specimen. Deciduous, grows to 6-8m.

FRAXINUS ornus – Flowering Manna Ash, 135lt container, 3-3.5m+ now (measured from top of container) – approx 10+ year old


FRAXINUS ornus – Flowering Manna Ash, Heritage Range – 1000lt container, 5m+ now (measured from top of container) – approx 15+ year old

Gold to Purple Autumn colour. Specimen as shown at Hanleys Farm – Queenstown