ELAEAGNUS, also Snowy Southland Scenes ❄

Snowy Southland Scenes

Winter never really creeps in does it?  We don’t talk about temperatures slowly moving lower.  We talk about them plummeting.  We don’t talk about the gradual onset of snow.  We talk about flurries that are sudden and dramatic. 

At least, that’s the way it was this last weekend, as temperatures plummeted and flurries of snow arrived all of a sudden.  Still, it does make for some magical scenery and it’s hard not get caught up in the giddy glee of a good snow fall.  Especially if you have young children.  Or a boisterous dog.

Photo credits to the EBT staff.

ELAEAGNUS ebbingeii - Paper Bush

This week we have a hardy little hedging plant – which doesn’t mind dabbling its feet (or foliage) in the snow. Here we have the Eleagnus ebbingeii – Silver Laurel or Paper Bush.

Elaeagnus ebbingeii - Silver Laurel or Paper Bush

ELAEAGNUS ebbingeii - The Farm, October

Smaller compact hedge at The Farm – Lake Hayes

Perfect for winter, the strong silvery-green leaves of the Silver Laurel – Paper Bush, or Russian Olive, are seemingly impervious to cold weather.  Known for the shimmering effect from the speckling of silver, the leaves are full and plentiful, making for a well-clipped hedge that retains its density all year round.  Tolerant to the most cold and wind-hardy, the Silver Laurel – Paper Bush is a fast growing evergreen which will reach a size of 3 x 2 metres and clips excellent into a tight hedge.

ELAEAGNUS ebbingeii 12lt - March

ELAEAGNUS ebbingeii – Paper Bush 12lt container @ 1-1.2m+ (measured from top of bag) – approx 4+ years old

ELAEAGNUS ebbingeii - Flower - May

Small waxy white flowers with attractive fragrance in Winter – Currently flowering