PYRUS – Ornamental Pear🍂

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There’s something about ornamental pears, particularly the white blossoms of spring with their almost freshly laundered linen-like softness.  That might sound a little abstract, yet it fits, the flowers creating a blank canvas for the season of regeneration and change.  In part, it’s what makes them an almost perfect street tree.  Also a great tree displaying autumn magic, an excellent all-rounder! 

They also make for a fine specimen tree.  Particularly these two…

PYRUS calleryana 'Aristocrat' 80lt - June

PYRUS calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ 80RP container @ 3.5m+ (measured from top of bag) approx 8 year old  shown in current autumn colour in nursery.  

Also available;

16RP grade @ 2m+ now – approx 4 year old

30/39RP grade @ 2.5m+ now – approx 6 year old

PYRUS calleryana - Millbrook - June

Large Pyrus specimen as shown at the Millbook Golf Course in full Autumn brilliance

With its deep green wavy foliage and extremely tidy pyramidal form, this is an excellent street or avenue tree. In spring, small white flowers blossom before giving way to a small, inedible yellow fruit in summer, as that deep green leaf starts to show. This is followed by an impressive iron-orange colour in Autumn. Tolerant of windy, dry and cold conditions, this deciduous tree will grow to 6 x 4m.

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' - Columnar Ornamental Pear

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' 80lt - March

PYRUS calleryana ‘Candelabra’ 80RP container @ 3.5m+ (measured from top of bag) – approx 6-8 year old

Indent for smaller grades now – coming ready next season.

(photo shown in summer)

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' - Remarkables Park - June

PYRUS calleryana ‘Candelabra’ street plantings at Remarkables Park, Queenstown

Glossy and dark green, the leaves are dense and grow on branches which grow upright in a columnar habit. The small white flowers presented in spring are favoured by bees. Then as the weather turns, so do the leaves, hues of orange and red bringing some quite startling colour to overcast days. Very wind tolerant, this deciduous tree will grow in dry and poor soils. An ideal street or specimen tree which will grow to 6 x 3m

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' - Foliage & Flower - June

Currently showing blossom as well as Autumn colour – thanks to the warm autumn we had!