Whitebeam – Sorbus 🌼

SORBUS aria 'Lutescens'

Harry will be selecting the ‘Tree of the Week’ from now on, and his first choice would seemingly be indicative of a fine taste in trees.  Yes, we suspect there’s much wisdom to be discerned from old Harry.

SORBUS aria 'Lutescens' - Hanleys Farm, Queenstown, November

To begin Harry’s choices, we have Sorbus Lutescens – Whitebeam.  With large, bold and leathery green leaves, the form might be small and compact but its presence is anything but.  This is especially true in spring when the creamy foliage appears and creates a most gently mottled aesthetic, standing in contrast to those lime leaves.  A particular delight are the fluttering butterflies the Whitebeam attracts in the warmer months, along with birds drawn to the red berries that arrive as that creamy foliage disappears. 

The brightness of those summer leaves changes to a more silver-green in summer, then to gold in Autumn, when they will be amongst the first to drop.  However, even in its barest form the Whitebeam is a neat tree.  It’s sophisticated and works wonderfully in avenue plantings or as a specimen tree.  It also enjoys a reputation for being very undemanding and suitable to nearly all locations.  Deciduous, it will grow to 4 x 2m.

Street planting of Sorbus at Hanley’s Farm, Queenstown

SORBUS aria 'Lutescens' 80lt, November

SORBUS aria ‘Lutescens’ – Silver Whitebeam, 80lt grade at 3m+, (approx 8 years old)

SORBUS aria 'Lutescens', November

The flowers are attractive to not only bees but Butterflies as well!

SORBUS aria 35lt, November

SORBUS aria – Whitebeam, 35lt grade at 2-2.5m, (approx 5 years old)

SORBUS aria - Queenstown Gardens, December

Beautiful big specimen at Queenstown Gardens.