When Harry met… everyone!

Meet Harry.

Harry is a friendly and personable chap, always ready to lend a helping hand and share a few words of wisdom.  He enjoys nothing more than spending time in the nursery and talking about plants.

That makes him a bit like us, then.  Which is good, as Harry has been designed to represent the Easy Big Trees brand and what we stand for.

We’re a family owned company, founded in 1918 by the passionate and pioneering nurseryman, Richmond Harrison.   With the fourth generation of the Harrison family in the business today, some things have changed and some have not.  We’ve stayed true to our roots and are thankful to be well known as a friendly team with a can-do attitude.  We think Richmond Harrison would enjoy that.

What has changed is the product range, with a growing number of  native and exotic trees, both deciduous and evergreen, available.  Meanwhile, the Harrisons Heritage range includes advanced specimen grade trees adding an instant storied aesthetic to any landscape.

So we now honour our humble roots with a nod to the man who started it all – the man we affectionately call ‘Harry’.

You will see ‘Harry’ included in future tree photos and providing tips in emails to come…