Visiting our Nursery 🚶🏻‍♀️🐶

Visit our Nursery - Banner - January

Sometimes we get asked if children and dogs are welcome at the nursery.  The short answer is simply, ‘yes’.

Autumn Leaves - Queens Park - Invercargill - April

The long answer is – yes, please do bring your children.  We’d love to see more children get inspired and excited by nature.  The nursery has lots to see and children always seem to have a fun time.  As do dogs…although we suspect that’s for other reasons.  But that’s ok too.

Dog in nature - January

Linda’s cute little dog – Max, enjoying time out in nature with one of our workers 🐶

Geese at Pomona - February

We have a few ‘friends’ wandering the grounds.  Most are friendly, like the chickens or ducks.  The others are Geese, and they’re perennially annoyed at something, particularly in spring when nursing their young. They do undertake a special mission though as a grass and grub control team, keeping the grass neatly clipped and bugs down to a minimum.

Ducks in our Pond - November

7 Wee quackers this spring, in our pond 🦆