Top 10 Winter Interest Trees

Winter interest Banner

It would seem everyone loves a top 10.  Apparently it’s because we naturally segment the world into numbers as it helps us process everything.  We like to think that means we did pay attention in maths class, but the truth is we’re subconsciously drawn to round numbers. 

Regardless, we’re certainly subconsciously drawn to these Top 10 Winter Interest Trees.  These are the trees we’re particularly fond of for their ability to bring some character and visual delight to the sometimes plainness of winter.  You can download the ‘Top 10’ poster by clicking below.

You’ll notice we haven’t numbered the trees into any sort of ranking for preference.  That said, the prime spot is reserved for BETULA ‘JACQUEMONTII‘ – Himalayan Birch.  It’s our most popular Silver Birch and rightly prized for its white stem, that peels every year to create a new layer.  There’s something about the way this happens, showing the layers of the past as it reveals the freshness of the future, that’s incredibly delightful to look at.

BETULA Jacquemontii - Wanaka, June

This really is a tree you can ‘experience’.  Not just because of that bark, but also the impressive, dark green leaves.  After turning gold in Autumn, they fall to the floor to create a ground layer of crisp, crunching delights underfoot.  It is the very essence of the romance of a late season stroll. 

Hardy and deciduous, the Himalayan Birch will grow to 6-8 metres. 

BETULA Jacquemontii - Queenstown, October

Fantastic avenue example of the Birch