TILIA, European Lime/Linden 🌳🌿

TILIA cordata

A tree for any property or landcape, can be used as a specimen, avenue or pleaching tree. A versatile plant for any area. The kind of tree you would like to sit under with a good book and cool drink, on a hot summer day.

TILIA tomentosa - Silver Linden/Lime

TILIA tomentosa, January

Robust tree with erect branches, becoming an umbrella shape with maturity. Dark-green, rounded leaves are silver underneath and look lovely when ruffled by mid-summer breezes. More wind hardy than other varieties. Produces a mass of pale-yellow, sweetly-scented flowers in summer which attract bees.

TILIA tomentosa 200lt, January

TILIA tomentosa – Silver Linden/Lime, 200lt container @ 4m+ (measured from top of bag)

TILIA platyphyllos - Large Leaf Lime/Linden

TILIA platyphyllos - Large Leaf Lime

A native to Europe – beautiful larger-growing tree with large dark green heart-shaped foliage. Small white flowers early to midsummer. Has an upright rounded form with some beautiful examples in Christchurch. Can also be trained into a pleached avenue.

TILIA platyphyllos 200lt, January

TILIA platyphyllos – Large Leaf Lime, 200lt container @ 4.5m+ (measured from top of bag)

also available in:

– 16lt grade @ 2m+

– 35lt grade @ 2.5m+

– 80lt grade @ 3m+

TILIA cordata - Small Leaf Lime

TILIA cordata, February

Medium-sized tree with neat dense rounded form and smaller heart-shaped leaves. Foliage is fresh lime-green early spring changing to gold in autumn. Creamy yellow perfumed flowers produced in mid-summer. Popular tree for pleaching. Deciduous, grows to 10 x 5m.

TILIA cordata 80lt, January

TILIA cordata – Small Leaf Lime, 80lt container @ 2.5-3m (measured from top of bag) 

also available in 45lt grade @ 2.2-2.5m