The Lookbook – Our Spring Photos

Blossom tree, Invercargill, September

Take a step into the garden on a spring morning and there’s every chance you’ll be overcome by a strange feeling.  It’s a curious combination of nostalgia and forward thinking.  A feeling that simultaneously has you reminiscing while also ready for the hours that follow.  It’s entirely pleasant but just why is not it evokes such emotions is not clear…

Cherry Tree, Winton, September

The science says it’s because of Green Leaf Volatiles (GLVs).  That’s the name for the pheromones released from freshly cut grass.  Vegetables do the same when chopped, as does fruit when it matures.  Apparently this is one of the reasons spring appeals to us so much, especially after that first mow of the lawn.


Cherry Blossom, Invercargill, September
Blossom and Grass, Winton, September

ahh the joy of spring…

Cherry Blossom, Winton, September

We’re not going to dispute science but we think there’s more to it.  We think the feeling is because spring is when romance blossoms, ideas and ambition grow, and when we remember the wonders of being young again.  In fact, spring makes us feel younger.  Families emerge from hibernation and we feel refreshed, revitalized and ready to play.  Ready to embrace life and create new memories.

We’ve tried to capture all of that with some new images.  We hope you like them.