The Hills

Hidden from public view, the Hills Lodge would be hard to find if you didn’t know it existed.  It doesn’t shout at the passerby, nor draw attention to itself.  All of which is befitting the refined character of this very exclusive property just outside of Arrowtown.  Adjoining the private Hills Golf Course and owned by Sir Michael Hill, the grounds are much like the lodge itself, being full of understated elegance and finished to the very highest standards.  

There is a serenity and calm to the curved (carpinus) English Hornbeam Hedging that borders driveways and walkways, drawing the guests through the grounds to reveal a variety of evergreen and deciduous exotics.  The striking white bark of Betula Jacquemontii helps define the colours that surround it, providing a contrast to the delicate shades of green.  When Autumn arrives, and in keeping with the changing colours of nearby Arrowtown, a warming yellow foliage somehow gives you cause to reach for comfortable slippers and a good book.  This is a garden where time slows and relaxation is guaranteed.  

Despite the appearances, the landscape has not always been this way.  The heritage aesthetic you see is created with the clever use of Himalayan and Golden Birch, European Beech (Fagus sylvatica), Prunus Lusitanica Portuguese Laurel hedging and Chinese & Japanese Elm (ulmus).  Combined, they fit together like the musical instruments in an orchestra, where each has its plart to play and they build upon each other.  This is particularly true in Autumn, when those colours change tone for a delightful visual show.  

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