Sequoiadendron – Giant Redwood 🌲

SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum - Cardrona, July

Some trees are that impactful, they have an entire National Park named after them.  And in the Sequoia National Park on the West Coast of the USA, you’ll find General Sherman.  Not the General from the American Civil War (who is buried in St Louis) but a tree called General Sherman.  A very big tree.  In fact, it’s the largest single stem tree in the world and is thought to be between 2,200 and 2,700 years old.  Which means the massive tree with a towering height of 83.8 metres and a ground circumference of 31.3, was around long before William Tecumseh Sherman. 

General Sherman is a Sequoiadendron giganteum. Also known as Wellingtonia or Giant Redwood. Don’t let the size of the above or name put you off though – this tree is 100’s of years old!

SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum - Wellingtonia Redwood

SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 1000lt - February

We don’t have a tree of that size in stock of course, but we do have a number of Giant Wellingtonia Redwood specimens in the Harrisons Heritage Collection.  They measure 4m+ from the top of the 1000lt container… and they haven’t finished growing yet.

Their appearance is pyramidal, with a large tapering trunk and almost glaucous foliage.   The foliage is a an attractive mid green contratsing nicely with the reddish brown trunk.

This is a noble tree that gently demands your respect.  And your gaze, as you take in its beautiful appearance.  Evergreen, they retain their splendour and are perfect for laneways, specimen planting or use as a shelter.  As expected, they are hardy and will grow to 10-15m+ in normal NZ landscape setting.

SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum – Heritage Collection, 1000lt container, at 4m now (measured from top of container)  – approx 15+ year old

We do also have younger grades available of this beautiful tree – please enquire in tab below

SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum - Wanaka, February

Stunning avenue of Redwoods as supplied and planted at this project in Wanaka now 10+ years ago – growing fantastically and looking majestic!

SEQUOIA sempervirens 'Korbel' - Upright Californian Redwood

SEQUOIA sempervirens 'Korbel' - 80lt, April

A popular compact and upright selection of Sequoia sempervirens. Forms a bushy, conical tree with grey-green to silver-blue foliage. Quick-growing. Well suited for growing as a stately shelter belt. Evergreen, hardy, grows to 8m.

SEQUOIA sempervirens ‘Korbel’ – Upright Californian Redwood, 80lt container, at 3m+ now (measured from top of container) – approx 7-8 year old

Also available in younger grades – please enquire