Red Flowering Camellias💖🌹

Red Camellia - Banner

The recent cold snap may make it seem like spring is still far away in the distance, yet it really isn’t.  It simply must be close as ‘nature’s calendar’ tells us so.  Colour is beginning to appear, bringing freshness and joy to the landscape, as plants awaken from their slumber, stretch out and say “well this is all very pleasant – and look at me – I’ve got a lovely new colour to show you”.

At least, we expect that’s what we think Roger Hall and Les Jury are saying.  Along with ‘Crimson King’, they’re feeling a little showy and are eager to brighten the garden.

CAMELLIA 'Crimson King' - Standard

CAMELLIA 'Crimson King' standard 25lt, October

CAMELLIA ‘Crimson King’ – Red Flowering Camellia, 35lt container, 1m std at 1.5m now (measured from top of container) – approx 5 years old

Upright and dense, the young shrubs teeter on pink before settling on a bright red which provides the most striking contrast to the yellow stamens.  The single flowers are slightly fragrant, introducing some sweetness to the otherwise dank smell of late winter.  Hardy and evergreen, the ‘Crimson King’ will grow to 3m and prefers lightly dappled shade.

CAMELLIA 'Crimson King' Flower, August

Golden yellow stamens – providing delight for the bees!

CAMELLIA 'Roger Hall'

CAMELLA 'Roger Hall' 35lt, August

CAMELLIA ‘Roger Hall’ – Red Flowering Camellia, 35lt container, bushy 1.2m+ now (measured from top of container)

It’s the formality of the large double red flowers which draws the attention.  Almost as if the ‘Roger Hall’ is making an announcement, proclaiming the beauty of spring to be near and now is the time to plant some colour in your garden.  It’s very much a statement flower, able to ‘speak’ either from the ground or a container.

Keep it in the semi-shade to see it at its happiest, particularly with acid soil.  This hardy evergreen with glossy, dark green leaves, will grow to 3 x 2m.

CAMELLIA 'Roger Hall' 35lt - August

Formal and perfect looking flowers of Camellia ‘Roger Hall’