TAXODIUM distichum – Swamp Cypress

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Swamp Cypress

Sometimes known as a Bald Cypress, this unique conifer is deciduous which maybe a reflection of that second name. This tree forms a conical crown that reaches upwards, majestically aiming an arrow to the sky. The feathery light green foliage signifies health and vitality during the warmer months, before turning to gold in Autumn. In the Winter sun it will finally reach a rich copper to red bronze colour that is almost flame like. There are many impressive specimens that can be found at parks around NZ like the Queenstown Gardens to name one.  As the name suggests, this tree is well suited to swampy conditions and enjoys marshy ground yet will prosper in drier conditions also. Grows to 10m+.


Suitable for: Speciment or avenue tree. Can handle shade, damp or dry sites. Is especially impressive as ponds edge planting and is a great tree for larger gardens and park settings.

Features: Reddish brown bark and brilliant bronze, red Autumn-Winter colour.

Botanical Name: TAXODIUM distichum.