ACER palmatum dissectum ‘Emerald Lace’ – Green Weeping Maple

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Green Weeping Maple

The dissected leaves of the Emerald Lace have a gentle aesthetic that makes you almost want to brush them over your arm. A healthy lime colour in spring , they become edged with red during the summer months. As Autumn is ushered in, the red creeps over the remainder of the leaves, along with orange hues, before falling to the ground. The lower branches arch over for a pleasing ‘weeping effect’, making it ideal as a specimen or patio plant. A vigorous grower, this deciduous tree will grow to 2 x 2m

Suitable for: Specimen & patio plantings

Features: Low arching branches & distinctive colouring

Botanical Name: ACER palmatum dissectum ‘Emerald Lace’