Stunning PLEACHED Trees – TILIA platyphyllos – European Lime

Pleaching Lime Tree - TILIA platyphyllos (pleaching) - Queenstown

Pleaching Lime Trees – This growing trend of Pleaching Trees is increasing here in NZ. This horticultural art is where trees are trained & pruned with clear lower trunk and higher foliage joined together like a ‘hedge on stilts’. It has been practised for a number of years in UK & Europe with amazing results.

Fantastic entrance example as shown in lovely client garden example above and established example shown below. A great focal point for courtyards and excellent also for screening narrow areas where space is a premiumAdd style & class to your landscape today!

TILIA platyphyllos (pleaching) - Ashburton

Lovely large trees available now as follows for your instant pleached avenue:

TILIA platyphyllos 45lt - Jan

TILIA platyphyllosEuropean Lime Tree, 35/45lt container at 2.5m+

TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - Feb

TILIA platyphyllosEuropean Pleaching Lime Trees, 80lt container at 3.5-4m