Platanus ‘Autumn Glory’ 🍂

PLATANUS Autumn Glory - Banner

Not yet willing to forgo the delights of Autumn colour, Harry’s tree of the Week is known for similarly holding onto the romance of the season for as long as possible.  We give you the Plantanus orientalis – Autumn Glory.

PLATANUS Autumn Glory - Millbrook, Arrowtown

Recent Platanus ‘Autumn Glory’ avenue at Millbrook Resort looking stunning

PLATANUS orientalis 'Autumn Glory' 35lt - May

It’s the leaves that first draw you in. They possess a mesmerising quality, with their palmately lobed shape resplendent in the brightest green in summer.  That’s reason enough to choose this specimen as a feature tree, yet the clue to the real drawcard is in the name.  Autumn is most assuredly glorious when this tree is nearby.  The leaves that transfix your gaze become all the more beguiling, as they change to shades of orange and red.  Set against the patterned bark that peels and flakes, it makes for a most attractive sight that will bring nature’s warmth into the soul as the temperatures begin to dip. 

Deciduous, it will grow to 8m and is well suited to avenue plantings or as a feature tree.

PLATANUS ‘Autumn Glory’ – Cut Leaf Plane, shown above in 45lt container – now 3m+

PLATANUS Autumn Glory - Millbrook, Arrowtown

Large established avenue of Platanus ‘Autumn Glory’ at Trotts Garden – Ashburton