Heritage Edition No. 6 – Tree Scale 🌱🌳

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Some trees have stories to tell.  The Harrisons Heritage Collection are advanced specimen grade trees, grown with the experience of over 100 years in the industry and raised by 4th generation nurserymen. 

Carefully tended and nurtured for up to 20 years, trees from the Harrisons Heritage Collection can create an instant, historied landscape.  It’s as if they were always there.

Tree Scale - Quercus palustris - pin oak

To qualify as a Harrisons Heritage grade tree, specimens have to be a minimum bag size of 200 litres and are typically aged 12 years plus. 

We’re often asked the size and age of trees, so whilst the below is not 100% accurate (there is always the odd exception), it is telling of the typical size/age relationship, and shows where the standard range stops and the Harrisons Heritage Collection begins.


45 litres                       Approx 5-7 years

80 litres                       7-10 years

200 litres                     12+ years        Minimum requirement for Harrison Heritage Collection

1000 litres                   18+ years        Harrison Heritage Collection


As an exclusive range, the availability of Harrison Heritage trees is limited and we highly recommend ordering at the earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.

Quercus palustris - pin oak - Heritage

Our behind the scenes video of these photos – a lot more work than it looks to the eye!