Introducing…. Harry’s Tree Care Tips🌱

Harry has settled in quite nicely at the nursery.  He has a careful and considered way about him.  You know, like people of…shall we say…more advanced years do.  Experience has taught him there’s no need to rush.  That time moves at the same pace regardless and frantically charging around is of no real consequence in the grand scheme of things.  No, you measure twice and cut once.  It’s the type of sage wisdom we thought we should tap into.  So we have. 

We’ll be sharing some of Harry’s insights in a regular feature called ‘Harry’s Tips’.  The man  is a walking encyclopaedia of nurseryman knowledge and we want to record it for the benefit of ourselves and everyone else. 

Let’s begin with this topical tip, especially for those of you enjoying the seemingly never ending Southland summer…

Harrys tip - Summer 2023

If there’s one fault with Harry, it’s that he likes to talk and share his vast experince and tree knowledge.  Give him a platform to talk about trees and he’ll happily ramble on until the leaves start to turn colour, which does nothing more than make him change the subject to start a lengthy monologue about the beauty of Autumn colours and which trees make for the best shows. 

No, Harry needs some direction and focus.  And we need to make the most of his vast knowledge.

So we invite you to help us by asking him a question.  Harry’s answers will then feature in upcoming editions of ‘Harry’s Tip’s’.

Please click the link below and ask away.