Heritage Edition No. 7 – History Feature

Heritage banner - Pyrus

We’re proud to be a family business and can trace our roots back to 1918.  That’s when

Richmond E Harrison founded the company and began the work of providing trees, a task diligently attended to and continued by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren today. 

If you’ve ever wondered why the Heritage Collection is named as it is, it’s for this reason.  It seemed fitting somehow to name the advanced grade specimens, those trees that have weathered a few storms and basked in a few summers, after our founder. 

Given his love of words and trees, we thought we’d pass this over to R E Harrison himself, leaving it to him to introduce the PYRUS calleryana – ‘Bradford’ Ornamental Pear.

PYRUS calleryana 1000lt, July
PYRUS calleryana 'Bradford' - Gibbston Valley, Queenstown

PYRUS calleryana  ‘Bradford’ Heritage Grade installed at Gibbston Valley approx 2 years ago.